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Janette Simpson

Janette Simpson is a teacher.  With nearly thirty years’ experience in primary education, twenty two years’ experience as a mother, an MA in creative writing and a wealth of experience tutoring in English, Maths (up to GCSE foundation level) and 11+ common entrance,  she is committed to helping  children achieve success in learning  and so increase their self -esteem.

Janette has a passion for writing. She has run a number of  adult writing workshops at a variety of interesting venues such as Eel Pie Island, Hampton Court Palace, the Spirituality Centre, Bank and even her friend’s house! In addition to this, she has run a series of children’s writing workshops in local bookshops, has developed and delivered a writing enrichment programme in Hounslow and led writing projects for children at Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace. Whilst at Hampton Court, she created two sessions for the schools’ programme: Spies at Court and At Home with Kings and Queens, which she also presented.